Lodge 241 Gallery Cafe

115 Hyde Street, Bellingen NSW 2454, Australia

The cafe is housed in an expansive Federation-style building on the banks of the picturesque Bellinger River with views stretching over the green Bellinger Valley plains and beyond to the Dorrigo Plateau. The history of the three-storey weatherboard and brick building is every bit as interesting as the lively atmosphere present-day diners will find within its historic walls. Master builder George Moore built the building as a Masonic Temple in 1912. It was sold by the Masons in 1996. The current owners bought the building in 1999 and embarked on a major renovation that would provide indoor, verandah and terrace seating for 60 people.

Today, diners can choose to sit inside while taking in the tunes from the cafe record player cranking out old-style hits, or enjoy the scenery from the balcony overlooking the winding Bellinger River and rolling green hills. Visitors can also browse the collection of international and local art hanging in the building’s gallery.

Key information:

  • Lodge 241 is at the western end of the Bellingen town centre, toward Dorrigo
  • Indoor and outdoor dining
  • River views
  • Accommodates 60 people
  • Art gallery