Yuraygir Coastal Walk

144-146 Ocean Road, Yuraygir National Park, Brooms Head NSW 2463, Australia

The Yuraygir Coastal Walk is a four-day trek through the Yuraygir National Park in the mid-north New South Wales coast. Yuraygir National Park is the longest stretch of protected coastline in the state. In total, the walk is 65km long, stretching between Angourie just south of Yamba to Red Rock on the southernmost edge of the national park. Hikers either walk small stretches of the trek at a time or take on the entire distance, usually spaced over four nights, restocking at the seaside villages of Brooms Head, Minnie Water and Wooli.

The walk sets out at the Angourie Surfing Reserve before reaching the stunning golden sands of Back Beach at Brooms Head. Highlights of the trek include secluded coves, panoramic ocean views, isolated beaches, views of Clarence Peak and over Lake Arragan.

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