Kings Plains Castle

Kings Plains Rd, Glen Innes

The elegant three-storey Kings Plains Castle looks like a picture from a brochure on touring Scotland’s castles rather than the cattle stations of Australia. The surrounding long dusty roads, vast cattle stations and dense national park make stumbling upon this castle, with its neat little gardens, statues and towers a real surprise. The road to the castle is mostly unsealed, but suitable for small calls, depending on the weather conditions. Once through the gates, visitors pass an ramshackle old shed before turning a bend in the road to take in the sight of the grandiose castle with its tower and battlements.

Construction of the 28-room castle began in 1908 by Scottish immigrant George Vivers, the grand-nephew of William Vivers who established the cattle property Kings Plains in 1832. Vivers was an immigrant from Dumfries, Scotland. Once complete, the castle was filled with priceless antiques from around the world.

It is now the ultimate romantic escape for couples looking for a touch of old-world sophistication amid the harsh Australian landscape. The castle now has 12 guest rooms. Guests can also choose to take part in a range of activities on the property. Bookings essential.

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